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What we do

Wall Painting

End to end wall painting solution for all budgets. We can do all paint types like Asian Paints, Berger, Nippon Paints, Nerolac etc. We also offer free consultation on colors based on your preference, wall type and furniture present. Color themes or just simple coloring of walls – we take care of all needs. All our work has roller finish to ensure you have smooth walls.

Wall Doodles

Have you wondered how Doodles can look on your wall? Need a short story or just a high quality doodle? Color Can is the right place for you then! Through our strategic partnership with DoodleODrama we help bring these Doodles to life on your walls! Whether it is your office space or kids' room or work station or your bedroom, we have a doodle expression for all.

To Order these designs, Call Us Now!

Graffiti & Mural

Want a customized design for your main elevation wall or bar space or the main drawing room wall? Then we are the go to guys for this. Our artists will create some magic on your walls and this then becomes the only version of that design! This is the first time ever in India that such high quality work is now available for your walls.

Wall Putty and Water Proofing

Need waterproofing for your walls? Then trust our vastly experience waterproofing team to solve your wall leakage issues! We use the best brands for waterproofing and have one of the neatest work delivery teams for waterproofing in India.

Need putty work on your wall? We have the finest team to ensure your wall putty finish is equal to that of the best premium quality villas you will find and that too for all types of budget! Right from touch up putty to full putty work, we do all.

Wall Texture

We are specialists with wall textures and plays on the walls. Ever wondered when you saw your favorite super star advertise those lovely wall textures if these can be done on your walls? Do not worry and give us a buzz – we will tell you it is possible and what to do on your wall!